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Wintery Styled Shoot

Not all winter weddings need to be snowy and cold! The southwest has a gorgeous winter season where the sun still shines, the grass is still green, and outdoor weddings are still a possibility. (more…)


With more and more people foregoing alcohol, I thought I would share this post from Giadzy:  Being able to offer your guests a non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy at your wedding is a nice touch! (more…)

River’s 1st Birthday

There is something magical about planning a child’s birthday party.  They are always different in theme and your creative energy is at it’s height.


Wedding Planners vs. Venue Coordinators

Alright ladies, let’s talk about the differences between venue coordinators and wedding planners. As a wedding planner, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a venue sells their in-house coordinator as an actual wedding planner. I’ve learned that unless you’re in the wedding industry, the differences between the two aren’t commonly known. (more…)